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Features: Oberteil Stil: Triangle Top, Bustier Top Träger: Verstellbare Träger Sonstiges: Herausnehmbare Pads, Schnürung Coverage: Regular Look: Flower Print Logodetails: Logoemblem Material Beschaffenheit: Schnell trocknendes Material, Stretchmaterial Pflegehinweise: Handwäsche Hinweis: Hinweis: Die Druckgrafiken können sich vom Foto unterscheiden, da durch die verwendete Drucktechnik jedes Teil zu einem Unikat wird HerstellerFarbe: chipmunk swim surfin love Material: 87% Polyamid, 13% Elasthan

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The Cuckquean Chronicles 1-7: Seven Hot Cuckque...
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I love watching my husband with another woman. It isn't that I'm not enough for him, or he isn't enough for me. It's that I love him and love watching another woman please him. Sometimes I get to help proposition and choose the next woman to be with him, and sometimes it is a surprise. It is so exciting to watch him with a woman who looks nothing like me. Maybe she is skinnier, or taller, or has larger breasts, or darker skin.   No matter how it came to be, I've used our many kinky adventures with other women to inspire this collection of cuckqueaning stories, and I hope you love listening to them as much as I loved writing them.   In A Cuckquean Goes Camping, Kayla spies on her husband cheating on her with her friend, Melody. Her anger and humiliation quickly converts into arousal as she watches him enjoy Melody's body.   In He Deserves a Bustier Girl, Amanda reveals to her best friend Karyn and her husband that she's always known that the two of them used to have sex in college. They're surprised and embarrassed until Amanda demands they show her what they used to do. She's been fantasizing about watching her husband enjoy Karyn's ample breasts for years and has finally decided she deserves to see it.   In Peeping Cuckquean, Jane has known her husband has been cheating on her for a long time. Why did she let it go on for so long? Because, for reasons she can't even explain, she loves thinking about her sexy husband using another woman's body. She finally decides fantasies aren't enough and tracks them down at a motel so she can watch it all happen.   In Cheating on Camera, a housewife is struggling to keep her financially strapped family afloat when her husband suddenly finds a new source of income. He offers vague explanations, but she eventually finds out he's been having sex on webcam for strangers.... All this and more in Cuckquean Chronicles 1-7. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ruby Rivers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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